Terms and Condition

1. Meaning of word

In these Terms and Conditions

Transfer To

  • mAccount” this is operation transfer fund from posTTransfer account to posTTransfer account.
  • mNumber” this is operation transfer fund from posTTransfer account to mobile number.
  • Scan QR Code” this is operation scan QR code transfer fund from QR code to QR code.
  • mNumber to mNumber” this is operation transfer fund from phone number to

phone number by posTTransfer agent.”

  • Bank Account” this is operation transfer fund from PosTansfer account to bank account.

Add Fund

  • mAccount” this is operation add fund to posTTransfer account by posTTransfer agent
  • Scan QR Code” this is operation add money to posTTransfer account by QR code

Cash From

  • mAccount” this is operation cash fun from posTTransfer agnent to PosTansfer account.
  • mNumber” this is operation cash fund from posTTransfer agent to Prostansfer client by  phone number and security code.
  • Own Account” this operation cash fund from phone number and security code to own posTTransfer account.
  • Scan QR Code


  • History” is note process of transaction of the client operation on posTTransfer app
  • Favorite” is a function provide to user easy operation again
  • Exchange Rate” is a function allow user can exchange their rat (Exchange rate we base one Cambodia National Bank)

2. What are posTTransfer services?

posTTransfer service is transfer by mobile app enable transfer service by Cambodia Post which allow you to carry transfer out, cash out, add fund, note transaction, balance enquiries, exchange rate, product promotion (“posTTransfer services”). By subscribing to these service , you authorize posTTransfer to add your funds (the current balance of which is show in your posTTransfer accont).

3. How do these Terms and Conditions apply?

These Terms and Condition govern the operation of the posTTransfer service. It is important that you read and understand these Terms and Condition. Please contact posTTransfer if you do not understand, or are unsure about and aspect of these Terms and Conditions.

4. When do these Terms and Condition take effect?

When you first register with posTTransfer account, you must be read and accept these Terms and Conditions, following these Terms and Conditions will constitute a legally binding agreement between you and us.

5. Eligibility for posTTransfer Service

You may subscribe for the posTTransfer service if:

  1. you are:
  2. an individual over eighteen years of age; or
  3. and individual under eighteen year of the age and you provided posTTransfer with proof of consent from your legal guardian permitting you to subscribe for the posTTransfer service.
  4. You meet posTTransfer’s customer identification and verification requirements

6. Authority

You acknowledged and agreed that use of the posTTransfer service , together with your posTTransfer account number and your thump print as the case may be depending on the transaction in question provide sufficient authority for us to process transaction on your posTTransfer account. We may act on this authority and will not be liable for any loss suffered by you resulting from us acting on the authority and we are not required to make further enquiries.

7. Fees and charges

posTTransfer may chare fees and charge for your use of the posTTransfer service and posTTransfer agents may charge fee and charge in connection with posTTransfer service they facilitate. Detail of such fees and charges will be provided to you on registeration and are available at posTTransfer agent Outlets/Store. These fee charge may include government taxs and charge as applicable.

You agreed to pay these fees and charges and agreed that posTTransfer may deduct these fees and charges directly form your posTTransfer account.

8. Interest

No interest will be paid to you on the Add Funds.

9. Operation and Details of  the posTTransfer service

    9.1 Transfer To/Add Funds/Cash From/Transaction

    (a) Transfer to: you may transfer:

    i. Using your posTTransfer account transfer money to posTTransfer account; or

    ii. Using agents posTTransfer account transfer money to your posTTransfer account; or

    iii. Using your posTTransfer account transfer to phone number; or

    iv. Using agents posTTransfer account transfer to phone number; or

    v. Using your scan QR transfer to posTTransfer QR Code; or

    vi. Using agents scan QR transfer to posTTransfer QR Code; or

    vii. Using your posTTransfer account transfer to your Bank account (Base on bank signed contract); or

    viii. Using agents posTTransfer account transfer to your Bank account (Base on bank signed contract);

    (b) Add Funds: you may add funds to:

    i. Using your posTTransfer account at authorized posTTransfer Agent outlets; or

    ii. Using your posTTransfer QR code at authorized posTTransfer Agent outlets.

    (c) Cash From: you may cash by:

    i. Using your posTTransfer account at authorized posTTransfer Agent outlets (require security code sent to your mobile); or

    ii. Using your posTTransfer QR code at authorized posTTransfer Agent outlets; or

    iii. Using your Security code 8 digit and Phone number at authorized posTTransfer Agent outlets.

    (d) Transaction: you may check by:

    i. Using history for check all transaction base on currency noted by system administrator.

    ii. Using favorite for redo transaction and fast.

    iii. Using money exchange for exchange your currency.

9.2 Information about your funds

You may:

Check the current balance of your funds in your posTTransfer Account.

You may also contact to posTTransfer contact center () to receive information about your funds verbally or in writing.

The balance recoded in your posTTransfer Account will be the current balance as at the time you make the enquiry.

However, there may be circumstances, for example system failures and technical difficulties, which mean that your posTTransfer account balance information is not reported on real time.

10. Processing Instructions and Limits

posTTransfer is under no obligation to accept any instructions (include instruction in relation to Transfer, Add funds, Cash From, Transaction and other transaction relating to your posTTransfer Account) and may, in its absolute discretion, accept or act on (or decline to accept or act on) any instruction. posTTransfer isn’t required to. And doesn’t, check that the detail provided by you and/or

received by posTTransfer are correct. posTTransfer are not responsible for any inaccuracy in instructions given by you and/or received by posTansfer and posTTransfer is not liable to you for any Loss suffered by you arising from such inaccuracy instructions.

posTTransfer reserves the rights to pay transactions presented for payment in any order that posTansfer chooses. Where the transactions presented for payment exceed the balance recorded in your posTTransfer Account, such instruction will not be acted upon by posTTransfer. posTTransfer will not partially pay a payment.

An instruction given by you through using the posTTransfer service can’t be cancelled, altered or changed.

Generally, all value transaction made via the posTTransfer service (for example a transfer, add fund, cash from) will be processed in real time, and will be issued with an electronic receipt by posTTransfer via short Message Service (SMS).

However, as noted in clause 9.3, there may be circumstances which mean that your posTTransfer Account balance information is not reported, and/or receipts may not be issued by SMS, on a real time.

If you conduct a transaction at a posTTransfer Agent outlet, you also have the right to ask the posTTransfer Agent for a written receipt. It is your responsibility to retain this transaction receipt with other detail for any future reference.

posTTransfer may also imposes limits on the amount of funds that will be made available for certain transaction conducted through the posTTransfer service, or limits on the total amount of fund that may be deposited by you over any to time by posTTransfer.

11. Your Relationship with the Bank

Transfer money will be transfer by posTTransfer into a Bank account, or transfer from Bank account to posTTransfer Account, or Bank Account to phone number an enable posTTransfer service allow by posTTransfer. The bank will recognize you as a customer of the Bank has contract with posTTransfer. However , you has no legal or beneficial interest in the Bank Account and only posTTransfer may issue instruction to the Bank in relation to the Bank Account, including in relation to transfer, account balance enquiry and other enquiries and transaction on the Bank account. The Bank will quarantee and pay to you the balance of you posTTransfer if posTTransfer becomes insolvent, to the extent that your claim is not satisfied from the proceeds of liquidation.

12. Privacy and Confidentiality

posTTransfer is collecting you personal information, instruction and transaction detail on your posTTransfer Account (collectively referred to as “information”) to enable posTTransfer to provide the posTTransfer service to you.

Without information, posTTransfer may not be able to provide you with such services.

By subscribing and utilizing the posTTransfer service , you agree that posTTransfer may use and disclose your information to:

(a) Any service provide engaged by posTansfer to carry out or assist its functions and activities;

(b) To posTTransfer ‘s Agent, contractors, advisers and to other persons authorized or required by law to disclose information to;

(c) To posTTransfer’s parent compamy and subsidiaries for inter administrative and operational purposes or to any service providers engaged by them;

You authorize these people to have aaccess to your information to the extent permitted above.

posTTransfer may also use your information to help them plan, research, marketing and promotion their products and service.

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